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tv   Your World With Neil Cavuto  FOX News  December 14, 2011 1:00pm-2:00pm PST

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>>neil: welcome, everyone coming to you from sioux city iowa with startling poll developments make it a three-way race. if you ron paul you are looking at this and saying, i have a chance to win here. if you are gingrich, you say, maybe i am losing momentum. if you are romney, you are hoping that those two guys scan sell themselves out so that maybe you can win here. we're going to be on top of the reason paul surge with ron paul himself momentarily. ahead of that, to frank luntz who has been watching developments closely. things change. and quickly. iowa is no big surprise in that
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things can change right up to the last second but what do you make of the latest movement? >>guest: the mainstream media is not giving ron paul enough credit or time. not only for being different than the other candidates but for having a very impressive organization. viewers may not know this but the paul campaign has invited college students to come over christmas and the new year's holiday and spend their time campaigning or "taking back america." it is significant that he is a 21 percent and i believe he will outperform his polling numbers because his organization is so effective. now, gingrich, the fact is that gingrich has led every single poll over the past month. and that makes him still in iowa the frontrunner but maybe northeast as much as before and for romney you have to be nervous to come in third place when he has been campaigning for five years, that would not be a good showing coming into the greatest strength, new hampshire. >>neil: but new hampshire is the greatest strength, so until
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a few weeks ago you were not putting in a lot of resources, new hampshire was your highest priority. wouldn't the bronze be the charm? >>guest: the person would wins in iowa gets percent or 8 or ten point bounce. if gingrich or ron paul win that will not keep romney as a 10-point win in the state of numb newspaper. and neil that is why tomorrow's night fox news debate is so important. i believe that more people who are undecided will make up their minds in the next 36 hours than for the rest of the time between now and january 3rd. >>neil: what closes the deal for them? >>guest: for gingrich he has to demonstrate he is the best candidate to defeat president obama. in ron paul's case he has to prove that his foreign policy is acceptable to republican would like what he says economically
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but have a problem where where he stands on defense and national security. and for romney he has to demonstrate he is passionate, the fire in the belly, and he has the same kind of intensity that republican voters want running against president obama. >>neil: frank, you poll this like no other on the numbers do you ever remember where so many are undecided so soon before the voting begins? >>guest: we have had a fair number undecided. but what is different about this race you have five different frontrunners at some point during the campaign. donald trump way back when. michele bachmann. rick perry. herman cain. newt gingrich. and, and, romney has been through this the whole time so we have had so many different candidates that have risen and fallen but tomorrow will be the most watched debate of the entire election season. more people will make up their mines tomorrow. and i think that the candidate that goes negative is going to be the candidate that gets
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punished, and this is a challenge for both rick perry, might be, and romney, how do you take down gingrich without seeming to trash him and help president obama get elected? they will punish any candidate who seems to make obama stronger at the expense of the republican party. >>neil: one thing i have learned talking to you over the years don't underestimate the likability factor with candidates where leaders in general and this is probably the biggest potential detriment to the former speaker, on the likability count he does not score well. he has a very high unfavorable rating. what are we to make of that? how vulnerable is he on this? >>guest: absolutely vulnerable. until the electrics cycle we would choose someone with we rather have a drink with at the bar or invite to a barbecue but
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we are looking for someone not to like but who we believe has the answers, the vision, knows how to get things done. on those attributes he is beating the other candidates overwhelmingly. i think this election is different than anything we have seen before us because competence is going to matter more than how were we want to have a beer with him. >>neil: very interesting. good to see you, my friend, in new york. >>guest: and the fact that you are in iowa, that demonstrates both your knowledge that you have to get this story from the field, and the importance that tomorrow night will be. i compliment you on going out there. >>neil: the joy to be here including the room service. thank you, frank, always good to see you. in the middle of this we hate to interrupt this debate drama with capitol hill drama we are facing another potential government shut down on friday night because the democrats and
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republicans cannot come to an agreement on extending the payroll tax cut issue, resolving the keystone pipeline issue and a host other issues that one of the top democrats in the house of representatives is here to delineate. congressman, always go to have you. what does it look like right now? >>guest: well, as you point out, it will come right down to the wire, i'm not sure we will be able to wrap this up by friday, but we are determined to make sure we get this done before the end of the year, no one should leave congress this year without resolving the payroll tax cut issue because, otherwise, 160 million americans will see a tax increase in january and, obviously, we have to wrap up the appropriations bills. >>neil: in the meantime, we are getting news that some, in order to grease the kids forgetting a payroll tax cut renewed, at least if that body, the requirement that the millionaires tax be in there, that is, the surtax on
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millionaires. is there truth to that? do you know anything about what is going on in the senate in order to move forward on this? >>guest: well, i know that the senate democrats have insisted as you know on asking folks at the very high end of the income scale, millionaires and beyond, to pay a surcharge on that amount of their income above $1 million, so that we can cover the costs of the payroll tax cut for 160 million americans. republicans as you know, early on, opposed the payroll tax cut. they have now come on board saying we will do that, but they want to pay for it by cutting some areas, for example, medicare, they want to make some other cuts. they refuse to ask the very wealthy to contribute to the effort. so, that will be something that will have to be resolved. >>neil: is there any truth to the talk that they will remove
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that provision in order to get a deal done? >>guest: i don't know the answer to that. the ball as you just said is now in the court of the senate, senate democrats and the republicans, i know they are having conversations with the white house on the next step. but as you point out, it is a critical issue to be resolved. >>neil: understood, what are the anothers we are look at a partial government shut down late friday night? >>guest: i would hope in the event we are not able to wrap all of this up by friday night, we would do what we have done in the past which is to provide a temporary extension to make sure the government shut down, the government doesn't shut down. that would be a bad signal all around for both democrats and republicans. >>neil: does that mean everyone have to stay later, then, including the president delaying his vacation, and you guys delaying your vacation? >>guest: that is absolutely what it would mean and it should
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mean. we should be prepared to stay here and if it means we have to do a short-term extension from this comic friday into some time next week, for example, as we worked it out over the week, that is what we should do, make sure we don't leave here until we make thursday this is payroll tax relief for 160 million americans. >>neil: we will watch closely but the possibility at at least a short-term extension to keep the government going so we can keep the lights on is in the cards, it seems. good to have you. have a marry christmas. >>guest: see you when you get back from iowa. >>neil: and speaking of all things iowa the big debate tomorrow night at 9:00 p.m. we will be here and i will johnny my -- join my colleagues and friends in what should be a riveting two hours of tv, the last chance all the major candidates will get together before folks vote if less than, what, three weeks.
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>>neil: the emergence of ron paul has stunned quite a few people. everyone has been focusing on gingrich and romney and how they slug it out but he is the guy with the momentum. in the latest poll, just a percent acknowledge of the presumed frontrunner which is newt gingrich right now of the congressman, what do you make of the numbers? what do you think of the possibility you win this thing?
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>>guest: well, very possible, now, and the numbers are more or less what many of us have measure campaign has expected because we have been working to that end and we have been organizing and doing the things we are supposed to do but i think that there is a powerful message that we have been delivering and it is very appropriate, and i think the people do need some answers to our problems and i talk about economics for a long time and talked about bubbles and how we got into this trouble and what we ought to do and i proposed significant cuts and quite frankly i think we are giving a lost answers to the questions that so many across the country are asking. >>neil: the one thing that happened when you become a front runner you become a target. newt gingrich has discovered that. tomorrow night might you discover that? >>guest: that is always possible. but for some reason, it seems like they have been pretty courteous to me. and i think they have worked out
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on the assumption they do not want to offend my supporters because they would like to have alliance with them. but, no, you are right, people who lead get a lost criticism and i would think that i have been challenged on my views for a long time more than the rest of them, and as long as they challenge me on the appropriateness of my views i better be able to answer them, but i think i have the ammunition to defend the balanced budget and cutting spending and looking into the federal reserve and finally addressing the subject of a runaway intervention of foreign policy which is draining us so much and a good place where we can cut money that would not hurt our people back home. >>neil: congressman, the last day or so i have been here in this state, i have had an opportunity because we have been watching iowa tv coverage and a lot of political commercials.
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and while a lot of the campaign ads i see are sort of warm and soviet unionsy and back to america and america is great and nothing wrong with that, yours tend to be more in your face, more direct, more issue oriented and they seem to resonate. but is that by design? some will claim that you are going negative. or is that just your style all along? >>guest: i think negative in a real negative sense is when you go after people you demagog and distort and fib and take things out of context and become personal but to talk about people having different positions and having voted for certain things, i think that's appropriate and very necessary. i think that's one of my obligations to point these things out of the opponents so they can see a difference. but they are not volunteer us
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about their shortcomings or does the media do a good job on the issues i care about so it and my obligation. >>neil: this is at a time when the candidates are entertaining third-party runs, d.e.a. -- gary johnson, possibly as a run as a libertarian, and donald trump on the possibility of a third party run. i want you to respond to this. >> if the republicans choose the wrong candidate, which is a possible, and if the economy continues to be bad, which i think it will be because we have incompetent leadership. >>neil: so you are raising the distinction possibility as running as an independent? >>guest: that is right. >>neil: all right, what do you think if he does that? if governor johnson does that,
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if any among the republican candidates who already competing, do that? >>guest: well, i think for trump, that is more attention getting. i don't think it is likely from the other candidates but, i think that there is always that possibility. there was a moderate liberal type candidate in 1980, john anderson, ran as a third-party candidate and maybe the other candidates comes across as more moderate maybe they will say, you know, so and so does not fit the bill, so, maybe there will be and the membership are so greenhouse traited i can see the motivation of some people doing that. but, i don't think it is limited to donald trump. >>neil: when i raised this very issue with your son, senator rand paul, about you, because the rumors were there and you never altogether squashed them that you would run as an independent if things did
1:19 pm
not go the republican route. what do you say? >>guest: same thing i have said about 23 times and maybe ten times on your program, i don't have a different answer. no intention of doing it. what i was hinting maybe you ought to ask the moderate republicans who are not doing so well maybe they will run as a john anderson type candidate more so than asking me that question but my answer remains the same. >>neil: okay, so, finally, your sense of this race in iowa, do you thing you have to win here, congressman, this is where you put a lost your upfront marbles and you have to do it? guest: i don't think i would say i have to win it. but i am, i cannot come in 5th place or even in 4th place but right now we are doing very well and it makes us more o mystic and i think we are very much in contention and that is good news
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>>neil: forget poll numbers that change a lot in this fine state and city of sioux city, iowa, but what is most remarkable is the reluctance of corporate bogses to -- bosses to hire. two out of three have no intention of hiring this this environment. the co-founder of home depot thinks he knows why. what is the problem?
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>> well, look, the c.e.o.'s are worried about the c.e.o. that will run this country and whether you know it or not that has an effect open how people plan for the future and they are very, very unsure. people talk about the fact of the uncertainty is stopping them from hiring and growing and acquisitions and it is not true. what is stopping them is the certainty, the fact that they are looking forward to higher taxes, to obamacare, to dodd-frank that will affect the economy and they are planning for the next two, three, four years, unlike the government or the congress or the president. they do not live one year to the next and do not have the ability to do a knee george reaction. they make plans for the future. right now, universally they are not planning for anything. they are sitting back and waiting and they know that the
1:25 pm
shoe is going to drop. they know that if there are four more years of obama, they are looking forward to higher taxes, they are looking for a stronger nlrb, they are looking for unionization, knowing that there will are stronger regulations from the epa, and it does not lock good for corporations. that means that job creation is not happening. and that the serious part. that is what everyone should understand. and if small businesses are not growing this country is not going to have a good future. >> but some of your moan liberal colleagues say, well, things have been percolating, not much. but the job growth has been moving up. not much. but more than it has been. and the trend is the economy and maybe the white house's friend. what do you think? >>guest: look, it depends on
1:26 pm
would you listen to. i heard a talk about that unemployment is moving down and we are moving in the right direction but 300,000 people went off the rolls and are note look for jobs. i can give you a situation here in this place i am living at where someone was let go recently, offer add job at less money, and said, no, i'm not going to do that i would rather go on unemployment for two years, so we have people who, it is easier not to work and get unemployment for a couple of years than go out and bust your back and do things that maybe you would not have done. when i went through college, i waited on tables. it was not, i wanted to be a doctor and i ended up as a pharmacist but i waited on tables to pay for my college education and there are many people out there that don't want to do what they don't want do do and sometimes when you have to take care of your family and earn a living you have to do
1:27 pm
things you normally wouldn't. and i think this is an issue in america, and the entitlement feeling that people have is very bad. now, we have 20 million people out there. many of them want to work. but many don't have the skills. if you read the newspapers you hear about manufacturers and employers that need certain skills and cannot find them. well, we're producing a lot of mba's and a lot of ph.d.'s but no one knows how to use a blow torch. know knows how to do the rudimentary things that have to be done out there, there are jobs but it is something that maybe wasn't in your plans i don't think the economy looks good. i don't think it looks good for the future. and i hope, i'm basically an entrepreneur, so i'm an optimist. i don't see any way out of this. >>neil: let me ask you this,
1:28 pm
bernie. do you think that you could come up with a home depot today in this environment the way it is right now, today, in this environment? >>guest: no, no, no. there is no way. because of a lot of things. dodd-frank, sarbanes oxley, and the lack of ability to give options and because of the we regulations and litigation, the labor laws that we have. no. we started in 1978, 1979 and we did 2349 have -- not have these problems. >>neil: but you had an economy mired in a recession as bad as things get and you got it going. >>guest: yeah, but america wants to help you. america wanted to let you grow. and things everyone not out there. we did not have this antibusiness we attitude that we have today and it is permeated not only in the government but
1:29 pm
it is starting in our schools, as well, kids are taught that capital im, and i am sorry i used the word, the free enterprise system is bad. it is not bad. it is like you are afraid to use the term. that is why we started the job creators alliance and the reason was that we wanted business people to be able to go out and talk about not only what the federal government is doing to them, but what local governments and state governments and all the regulations they have to go through and i would hope that someone, whoever is going to be president of the united states, whether it be any of these people that are leading, whether it is ron paul, mitt romney or newt, will have a plan in place because they will have to hit the ground running. if you think about it between now and january that is a lot way and then it takes so many months to get things rolling. this country is in a malaise rise now. >>neil: i did not know about
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>>neil: we are just learning from the nation's capitol that house republicans are landing to file what they call a mega spending bill to avert a government shut down which is a real threat. to they can't put together something to keep the lights on in washington. beyond midnight on friday. i got reaction not only to that development but the big debate tomorrow night, you may have heard about that. with michele bachmann the congresswoman from the fine state of minnesota joining us. i don't want to hit you broadside but, first, what do you think of that? i guess the desperate effort to avert a government shut down. will it work?
1:35 pm
>>guest: well, ultimately it will because i don't get an appetite from those in washington, dc that they want to see the government shut down, so you will see action from the house on friday, and likely you will see something very quickly followed by the senate. >>neil: so that would involve, i guess, you know this language better than i, sort of a stop-gap short-term spending matter to keep the government operating so everyone goes on christmas break and comes back and does something for permanent? >>guest: i think so, because, after all it has been three years sin the senate has put together a budget and unfortunately, the senate just isn't able to do its work. really, this goes back to last summer, neil, when the house and the senate could not get their act together, esident obama was completely awol, missing in action, and then we had the super committee, that was failure. and, now, here we are, again,
1:36 pm
coming up until the midnight hour and this is what people are so tired of. they want government to actually pu all the games aside and get something done. they want to get the who back on track. that is what i want to do as president of the united states, too. >>neil: if memory served me right you have not been a fan of the payroll tax cut extension, not only because it is not paid for but there could be more short term gain than long term solutions here. if democrats, though, have drop a potential provision that bothers a lot of republicans like the surtax on billionaires, would you be more inclined to support it? >>guest: no, i opposed it last december. and i encourage my colleagues to opposed it last december, too, because it reduces the employee share of the payroll tax. last year it was $111 billion
1:37 pm
that was not funded into the social security trust fund but that bill had to go identity to senior citizens so that meant that the government had to go somewhere to pay those checks and they what to go to the general treasurynd there is nothing behind the vault doors because we are broke, so that means either we have to print money we don't have, or, we have to borrow it from the chinese or someone else. that is not good. so this is more of the sames again, reducing that at of money. president obama promised if we did this it would be a job creation tool. it is not. we need to do things that actually create jobs. those are people solutions. in the private sector not temporary game evenings by government. that is the only trick that president obama has in his bag. >>neil: congresswoman you have a fairly aggressive plan to visit all 99 counties in ten days, something that senator rick santorum did but for some
1:38 pm
reason the both of you are mired in single digits and you are like the rodney danger field of the party despite all your hard work. does it bum you out? >>guest: goodness, there is only one election in iowa so far the straw poll and i won it so i feel very good about that, and of course that was the first chapter. the last chapter has not been written and in between you have all your drama. so i think, neil, when we see the january 3rd come about iowa folks will see i am the one true constitutional conservative who can actually defeat president obama because we need a bold, clear, distinct choice. i'm not a bib -- big liberal. we have problems with that right now, i am not a career any -- not a screen any capitalist.
1:39 pm
we are going to do a 99 we county tour in ten days. we will be very ambitious and get to all 99 iowa candidates and looking forward to that. >>neil: that, you are right, that is a herculean task but do you have to win the state? are you comfortable coming in second or third? right new, we were showing you are 5th and the polls are very volatile and i don't want to put much salt in here but you have to be in the top three to move on to numb newspaper, do you buy that? >>guest: well, they are changing all the time and there is a poll that couple out today that has me tied for third, a big push up in the polls from where we were a few days ago, so that is what we see. we see a lost volatility between now and january 3rd because the estimates are that six percent -- 60 percent of the people have not made up their
1:40 pm
iowans. i am an iowa girl, born here and raced here and iowans will come back home and choose an iowan for the white house and i am looking forward to john 3rd. >>neil: all right, we are looking forward to seeing you tomorrow night, congressman, thank you very much. >>guest: thank you. >>neil: and you may is her once or twice that we are having this big debate tomorrow united, at 9:00 p.m., and on this fine network and i will be joined bret baier and megyn kelly and chris wallace in the questioning of the candidates and the last time all the major candidates will be together before the big iowa vote if less than three weeks. i cannot believe we it is less than three weeks away.
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>>neil: it could be more watching than drama but republicans have tried not house and are trying in the senate to link an extension of the payroll tax cut with getting the pipeline back on track which the budget threatened to veto and now how they will get around it, if passed, and now, right now out of lipping con, member. governor, where does it stand? how can we avoid a mess? >>guest: well, i hope they get it worked out. the fact is, we had a special session out here and we will move the pipeline around our environmentally sensitive sand hills area and we are ready to move forward and i think the country is ready to move
1:45 pm
forward. this is about jobs. it is time for the president and the federal government to make a decision. let's move america forward and get america back to work. they are sitting in 8.6 percent unemployment rate. >>neil: so, the understanding was if this were not an election year this would have been quickly approved, the president to appease the states when ahead and delayed this, but with the understanding that even if he is re-elected he will go ahead and nod off on this, is that what this is about? >>guest: i don't know that for sure. i have not her the president say definitive he will approve the pipeline. but it is now time to do that. i understand he has elements of his political party on boat sides of the issue, but when america's unemployment rate is at 8.6 percent the focus ought to be on putting america back to work, and ought to be about jobs. in nebraska, i am fortunate, we are at 4.2 percent but the
1:46 pm
country is at 8.6 and we need to do more about job creation in the private sector. >>neil: 4.2 percent unemployment rate among the lowest in the nation but on to the keystone pipeline, the argument that it would greet -- argument that it would create 20,000 jobs and democrats say that is generous at best and not the case. what do you say? >>guest: well, i say i have heard estimates from 6,000 to 20,000, to 100,000. we will take the low estimates, 6,000 americans could be put to work, there should not be any doubt about the decision. put those 6,000 americans to work. so, it's time on get focused on jobs. that has been the problem with this administration. i have met the president several times and he is a nice guy but the focus needs to be on jobs and they areot doing that and the democrats in congress are not doing that. i say though matter what the number is, 6,000, 10,000,
1:47 pm
20,000, let's help america get back to work. >> very early on, governor, you were a supporter of mitt romney and he has fallen in the polls. stable. but fallen. and now she in third state depending on the number you read and these a volatile as you know, but, are you afraid you hooked up with the wrong guy? >>guest: no, i'm not. mitt romney is the best candidate on our side to focus on jobs. that is what this race is all about. the economy. how do you create more jobs. no one understands that better than mitt romney with the business background and he has been a republican governor, and a demonstrate so he knows how to work in a bipartisan way, i'm confident at the end of the day, mitt romney will be the nominee of the republican party and i am supporting him 110 percent. >>neil: what do you thing of the grease he has gotten over the $10,000 bet thing? >>guest: you know, it is much to do about nothing.
1:48 pm
i understand the argument about the $10,000, but, he was just trying to make a point and governor rick perry did not stake him up on that so clearly he won it what this race is all about and focused on the rest of that debate, governor romney did a good job and now it is volatile over in iowa and i can want it all the time, but, again, it will be a competitive race and it is time to let the people vote. and that's what we are going to do first with the iowa caucus and then the new hampshire primary. >>neil: early on, governor, and i don't want to put words in your mouth you said governor romney should embrace his success, not necessarily his wealth, but the fact that he has done okay for himself, and that he is afraid to show that off, i think that is what you were saying, but what do you make of that now, and whether this $10,000 bet thing, silly or not, illustrates that problem perfectly? >>guest: well, i don't think it really does. again, the voters are smarter than that, particularly out here
1:49 pm
in the midwest they understand what is going on here. they want to know from the candidates, how are you going to put america to work? how are we going to grow the economy? they want a candidate that will control we federal spending and have an economic growth strategy that is where governor romney excels. i am confident that message is getting out particularly in iowa. >>neil: thank you very much. governor. be well. and tomorrow night, i will be sitting next to chris wallace. p and great looking hair. but who used mine up? it was hines. seriously? you lying fool. [ male announcer ] head & shoulders: seven benefits, every bottle.
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>> neil: all right, per ed henry at the white house and capitol hill reporters we are getting wind that democrats are trying to move forward on resolving the payroll tax issue and getting it extended. by jetty sitting the tax surcharge. it seems to be getstrack. chris wallace will be the questioner at tomorrow night's debate, sitting next to me. what do you think of this? >> i can't say i'm surprised. democrats knew it would be a nonstarter for republicans and they probably felt we'll make the case, push for the tax, extending the payroll tax cut for middle class and tie it to the millionaires' tax. make the political point about the republicans. but in the end, we do want to extent the payroll tax. they made their point and they don't want to see, because it would rebound against them negatively if the payroll tax were to lapse. >> neil: why do we keep
1:54 pm
revisiting this stuff, you know what i mean? >> there is a basic philosophical difference. >> neil: they never win the argument, though. >> neither side does. no. one side may politically but in terms of one side being able to carry their way, which is why it's a big issue in the 2012. >> what about the shutdown threat. how real is that in your eyes? >> i don't think at all. >> neil: really? >> you say that as if i know what i'm talking about. >> you are sitting next to me. >> i understand that. my guess is in the end if they can't work out a deal by tomorrow they will pass a one-week or a five-day continuing -- >> neil: anything to avoid a shutdown. >> neither side wants to see that. the blow-back from the debt ceiling in august was negative. i don't think anybody wants to see another catastrophe. >> neil: you have done debates a lot. i'm a newcomer to this. you say there is always this, whoever is the front runner it's usually the target or the pinata. >> not for us. the other candidates.
1:55 pm
>> neil: who is it? >> gingrich. gingrich is leading in the polls. >> neil: but obviously something is resonating here when they do keep attacking, right? the numbers slipped a little bit. >> they have slipped a little bit. everybody said he is peaking at the right time. i never thought that was right. i thought it was a little too early. there was a debate on saturday. we're going to have our debate. three weeks and if we have seen one thing in this campaign so far, it's so fluid. there is not, you know, rock-solid support for anybody except perhaps ron paul who does get his 15 to 20%. >> neil: if ron paul wins here, what then? >> well, the ron paul people are not going to like my saying this, but to a certain degree it will discredit the iowa caucuses, because rightly or wrongly, most of republican establishment thinks he is not going to end up at the nominee, so therefore iowa won't count and it will go on. it would be a knock to gingrich, because, you know, right now, he was the front-runner or a week ago he was the big front-runner the state so a missed opportunity
1:56 pm
for him. >> neil: what about mitt romney? with all the candidates that rise and fall and what goes on with us, he is the constant. right? >> he was constant at 20 to 25% but now it's 15%. so he took a hit, too. maybe by going negative. but it seems as the republican base, the republican voters are not thrilled about anybody in this field. >> neil: interesting. we'll get a good handle on that tomorrow. chris wallace, asked to sit next to me as part of the questioning for. they's an honor. >> it was a condition. >> neil: shortest straw. 9:00 p.m. tomorrow, chris wallace and i. there are rumors that we are doing shots between question. that was just wrong. that was technically right, but wrong. >> we'll figure it out. >> neil: we'll have more after this. stick around.
1:57 pm
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